Experience what makes Delaware’s most visited city one of the nation’s top beach destinations. Rehoboth Beach, known for its warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and ocean breezes, was recently named among the 25 Most Popular Beaches in America by Newsweek. However, for residents, one of whom just so happens to be the 46th President of the United States, this comes as no surprise.

This gorgeous Atlantic Coast town boasts a beautiful and clean shore and also features an award-winning one-mile-long boardwalk. Along this charming mile-long boardwalk, residents and visitors alike will come across some of the best shopping, dining, and amusement options Rehoboth Beach has to offer. For families with young kids, you’ll spot plenty of sugary and salty snacks that help contribute to a memorable visit to the beach. Also, for adults looking to enjoy a date night, you’ll find great local eateries that can accommodate a more sophisticated palette.

If you think Rehoboth Beach is a one-season beach town, think again. Sure, summer is certainly a popular and relevant time to enjoy the beach. But with the award-winning boardwalk as the backdrop, Rehoboth Beach residents get to enjoy year-round festivals and events, fitness competitions, or just a simple stroll by foot or bike. To learn more about what makes Rehoboth Beach such a pleasant town, visit  https://www.cityofrehoboth.com/.