Ocean City is not skimping on patriotic pride this year. In fact, the whole town is gathering for a 4th of July celebration to rival the best and biggest of them from previous years. In 2021, Ocean City, Maryland residents and visitors alike can choose from one of two events the city is hosting. One will be on the beach at North Division Street, while another takes place uptown at Northside Park, located on 125th Street. Both fireworks displays are scheduled for 9:30 pm. Additionally, both venues feature a live musical concert beginning at 8 pm. Patrons are reminded to come early to grab a free spot. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair to enjoy the show more comfortably.

Ocean City’s boardwalk is filled with food vendors and non-stop fun. Grab a burger, hot dog, or something sweet from one of the waterfront’s many options. You can also opt to tour the area’s considerable collection of bars and crab shacks for a truly coastal experience! If you’re in Midtown Ocean City, the restaurant, Seacrets, located on 49th Street and the bay, is also sponsoring a 4th get-together with fireworks, multiple music stages, and loads of food. For all the latest, see https://www.oceancity.com/july-4th.